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KPIS International School: Welcome Back to School

Dear Tusker Parents,
Last academic year went by very quickly. We started the year online, then went hybrid, then alternated then on
campus with some on and off Covid cases, but we pushed and pulled and made it possible for all the students to
have a good year of learning and progress.

In Kindergarten, following a delayed start, our young students adapted admirably to make great gains throughout
the year. We saw the integration of unplugged coding activities, with students developing their skills and computational
thinking through KIBO and BeeBots, developing patterns and simple programming allowing the devices to move as
designed. Additionally, and supplementing the emotional learning in the creative curriculum, we added SEL classes
with themes to develop self-awareness and self-regulation. These themes were then also supported by the very
successful Puppet theater that has now become a mainstay in kindergarten.

In Elementary school, we have seen great progress and success in the implementation and integration of Project-based
learning, including Socio-emotional Learning, and Design. Across all grade levels in the elementary, we have
loved seeing our students become immersed in their driving questions and community engagement as part of the
all-important process of PBL. This has pushed our students to really develop their ESLRs and grow in confidence
with their learning, as could well be seen in the student-led conferences earlier in the semester. We also finished
the year with a thoroughly enjoyable and inaugural Grade 5 Graduation ceremony.

In Secondary school, we have seen the celebration and appreciation of dramatic and fine arts, implementation
of design programs, and increased development of multimedia integration across the board. As in the elementary
school, progress has been made in the development of the life skills program across the division, promoting
the well-being and a sense of self so necessary for our middle and high school students. We saw the largest ever
number of AP exams being taken by KPIS high schoolers, and also enjoyed the much anticipated and appreciated
“Mamma Mia!” performance – almost 2 years in the making!

Thank you for a wonderful year, regardless of the circumstances, we made it through with shining colors, thank
you for all your support!

This year, we are very happy to begin without the immediate and direct impact of the pandemic, with all our
teachers and students beginning the year on site, and with student numbers in the school on the rise overall. We
will continue to look forward to a plethora of learning opportunities and experiences that will take our KPIS Tuskers
on great journeys of learning. As with our mission, which is to provide the knowledge, skills, and attitudes for the
ever-changing world. The partnership between family and school is vital to our growth and success each year.
In order to achieve this goal, the school leadership, faculty, and staff are focused on strengthening the curriculum
with continued focused strategic alignment across divisions and disciplines. Through this alignment and shared
understanding, which comes via ongoing professional development in areas such as Project Based Learning (PBL),
Social Emotional Learning (SEL), Standards-Based Assessment (SBA), and Coding, with the development of Design

In terms of Covid Protocols, we start the year with the same practice of twice-weekly ATK testing on Sunday and
Wednesday evening. As usual, reminders will be sent via KPIS official LINE, please make sure to upload to the link
here. We will have staff on duty in the morning to check as students enter the campus. We follow mask-wearing,
hand washing, and avoiding crowding where possible as per the most recent guidance from the MOPH.

Should you have a situation of a positive case in your family, please contact the school for further advice at (KG-ES) or (SS) and upload the results to the form. As per government
guidelines (Thai Save Thai), any class closure depends on the levels of risk, which are assessed on a case-by-case
basis depending on factors such as age level, the closeness of contact, and the date of being on campus.
Tomorrow, August 8, sees us opening the first semester for our Elementary and Secondary students.
Kindergarten students will be joining us on August 15 for the start of their school year. During the first few days, we
will not be able to operate the drive-through pick-up process due to works being done to resurface our drive-through road.
This means that all pick-ups and drop-offs will be at the front gate.

We would very much appreciate your support in quickly vacating the school parking lot once your child(ren) has
been dropped at school in the morning. This will help to alleviate any unnecessary traffic congestion both inside
the school parking lot and the road outside. Our traffic security guards and a designated police officer will be on
hand to help direct traffic during this time as usual.

It is important that security guards, teachers on duty, parents, and students are aware of the need to be as
prompt and safe as possible in both the drop-off and pick-up process to reduce unnecessary traffic congestion.

As always, as we start the school year, there will be questions for you about your child’s schedule, learning, and
other needs. Please remember that your child’s teacher is your first point of contact, particularly in these first few
days of school, and in most cases can help you with any questions or concerns you may have.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude towards your continued support, sharing the
vision, and for entrusting your child’s care and education with us here at KPIS International School.

We are all Tuskers!
Dew Intakanok
Head of School

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