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The KPIS Tuskerlency Award: Apply Now!

KPIS International School in Bangkok is committed to providing highly motivated and talented students with unique learning experiences that would prepare them for the ever changing world.

The KPIS Tuskerlency Award reinforces our commitment to promote and recognize academic and leadership excellence while providing such learning opportunities as such we seek students who are eager to grasp this opportunity and are committed to the KPIS community.

Eligibility: Students who enroll in grades 9-10-11 in ACY 2022-2023.(Current KPIS students can also apply.)

Here is the link to the award(scholarship) details:
Here is the link to the application form:

Should you have any questions at any time, please feel free to contact us at or call 086-476-0486 or 086-418-5408.

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