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KPIS International School Bangkok: Project-Based Learning

The Teach Me project by Grade 4 learners aimed to teach Thai government school students English. In ACY 2022-2023, they created conversational English tools to support their Thai counterparts’ learning needs, fostering their development as responsible global citizens.

Throughout the project, students integrated various subjects like Reading, Writing, Math, Thai, and Design to create engaging learning products focused on vocabulary, listening, and speaking games. Each group worked on a chosen topic, adding creativity and individuality to their approach.

The project began with assessing the conversational English skills of kitchen staff, sparking curiosity and setting the stage for inquiry and exploration. Additionally, the high school students were welcomed to the Grade 4 classes and acted as investors for the APP. The high school “investors” gave students feedback on their digital content, the discussion was student-led, and the high school students provided feedback that included what they liked and could do better.

Students researched, interviewed teachers, and co-designed learning materials, gaining valuable teaching and digital content creation skills.

Their community involvement was fantastic, too! Students visited Thai government schools, interacted with students, and created tailored learning materials. This engagement promoted literacy skills and contributed to sustainability and transformation in Thai society.

The project empowered students to take ownership of their learning and make decisions about their work. Reflection played a crucial role as students documented observations, new insights, and thoughts. They continually improved their work through reflection and overcame obstacles.

The students showcased their achievements through a workshop, raising funds, and donating educational resources to the Loi Sai Thai government school. The Teach Me project proves that project-based learning empowers students, enhances their learning, and promotes social responsibility.
Let’s celebrate these young global citizens making a difference!
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