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KPIS International School Bangkok: Project-Based Learning

“A hero is an ordinary person doing things in an extraordinary way.”- Christopher Reeve.

Join us on an incredible journey of learning and empowerment! In ACY 2022-2023, our 3rd-grade students embarked on a project-based learning unit, discovering how to impact the world like heroes.

Through captivating activities like escape rooms and documentary exploration, they explored heroes from diverse cultures and designed their heroes using math skills. They went beyond the classroom, contributing to a donation drive and learning from real-life hero experts.

The pinnacle of their experience was the publication of hero’s journey books, where students shared captivating narratives about their chosen heroes. The transformation and pride were palpable!

The project emphasized critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, and communication skills. Our students became effective communicators and lifelong learners. This authentic learning experience connected multiple subjects seamlessly, fostering creativity and honing writing skills while exploring the hero’s journey. Students bravely shared their work with a wider audience through YouTube, in-person events, and podcasts, spreading the message of heroism far and wide!

This project-based learning unit empowered our students to discover their potential to create change and make a positive difference. They have truly become heroes in their own right!

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