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KPIS International School: Careers Class

KPIS Careers class

We had Dr. Scott Drake from the Faculty of International Design and Architecture (INDA) at Chulalongkorn University give our Seniors and Juniors a glimpse into their world of art and design.

Dr. Scott briefly went over the requirements of entry but focused more on the expression INDA values in their candidates’ portfolios and the personality they seek in their interviews. Creativity is the currency at INDA, and they accept and celebrate it in all forms. Students don’t need an ad hoc crash course on architectural design nailed down before they enter, in fact it’s discouraged as those candidates often have to unlearn subpar techniques before they begin. Instead, students are encouraged to showcase any creative work they have engaged in, and with their experience with woodworking, jewelry design, dance, and visual arts at KPIS, our seniors quickly realised they had plenty to fill their portfolio pages.

Dr. Scott brought along a number of stellar portfolio samples that were absolutely aesthetic! Students were reminded that these were here to inspire, not intimidate! A few of our seniors are already working on their INDA portfolios and were delighted to make connections and build a relationship with their future interviewer and professor. We thank Dr. Scott and CU INDA for a wonderful two days!

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