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KPIS International School: Workshop by Ignite On Demand

Workshop by Ignite On Demand

On the 21st and 22nd of October, we had visitors from Ignite On Demand conduct workshops with our 11th and 12th graders at KPIS International School, guiding them through everything they need to know to prepare for university applications in Thailand. As more seniors than usual are planning to continue their studies locally, the sessions were helpful and informative, especially since the TCAS system can be overwhelming to navigate.

The session covered required standardized tests for various faculties across universities in Bangkok, minimum scores for entrance, tips and tricks on application rounds to maximise chances, and lastly some practice questions for the SATs and IELTS. Ignite on Demand also publishes books that help support students with common questions and scoring guides for the SATs and IELTS, which the students had the opportunity to win during the sessions as they participated with Mr. Pat!

Fun Fact: Did you know Mr. Pat from Ignite had been to KPIS 3 times before these sessions to take his own SAT exams when he was in high school? That’s right, as one of the biggest centres for SAT testing, the odds were likely.

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