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KPIS Kindergarten House Day

The KPIS Kindergarten House Day was held on March 16, 2018. All students and teachers were ready in the KG playground at 08:15 am. After the morning song all of them walked to the field. The sports field was split into 4 activity stations. Each station had a teacher present to instruct the students on what to do and collected scores. Team teachers and parents were invited to join in all the games. All students had to rotate around stations clockwise with their class after each activity was complete. Each activity took approximately fifteen minutes.
The four activity stations were:
Station A: Ball Toss
Here students had to run to the line, stand in the hoop and toss the ball into the basket. Each team had 30 balls. The team with the most balls in the basket at the end was the winner.
Station B: The Egg and Spoon Relay
Students had to carry a spoon in their hand with a ping pong ball on it. They had to carry it safely around the obstacle and back to the finishing line.
Station C: Bean Bag Throw
Students had to run to the line, stand in the line and then throw the bean bag into one of the 3 hoops. Each hoop had a point. The farthest hoop had the highest points. The team with the most points at the end was the winner.
Station D: Cone Flip
This was an activity where you had to have as many cones flipped in favour of your team. Some teams were assigned to flip all the cones upside down. Some teams were assigned to flip the cones right side up. The team which flipped all the cones their way first was the winner.
House Day was a fun-filled day with lots of activities.
****Please go to this link to view more photos on KPIS Facebook.
By: Ritika Mirchandani

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