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Wai Kru Ceremony at KPIS International School

Wai Kru Ceremony at KPIS International School

The “Wai Kru” (Teachers appreciation day) was held at KPIS International School on September 17, 2020. In accordance with the COVID protocols, the ceremony was held at various different timings in the KPIS auditorium.

The Wai Kru is a traditional Thai ceremony in which students pay respects to their teachers to express their gratitude. This is aimed to create stronger bonds and formalize the student-teacher relationship. The Wai Kru Ceremony is usually held near the beginning of every new academic year.

Students practiced for the ceremony and prepared flower making trays the day before “Wai Kru.”

To understand the ceremony better, we had a special performance called “The traditional Muay Thai dance.” This dance is normally performed before the fight with traditional sarama or muay thai music. The Wai Kru in Thai boxing is a way to pay respect to your coaches, gym, training partners and family. Furthermore, the students chanted Buddhist chants and sung songs to show their appreciation to the teachers. They also wrote and drew message for their teachers.

KPIS would like to thank the Thai Department and everyone who helped for the ceremony and for all their effort.

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